Our history

Mayflower Carpenter was born from the creative restlessness of Daniel and Sofia.
Daniel started working in the family carpentry shop
when he was just a teenager, where he learned from his father and his father learned from his father; therefore the tradition,
knowledge and skills acquired are based on years of experience transmitted from generation to generation
An innate worker, restless in expanding the field, he decided to go one step further, so by the year 2000
began to build guitars completely handmade.
Sofia is his wife and worked with him supporting him to achieve his dreams, being a point of
reference when creating and designing.
Now this duo embarks on the Mayflower Carpenter, uniting once again art, passion and love for
wood and the possibilities it offers.

Our inspiration comes from the English craftsmen embarked on the Mayflower, a ship that in
1620 transported the so-called Pilgrims from England to the eastern coast of North America
. They arrived with the illusion of starting a new life in a kind of promised land became
a project that would have a profound impact on the history of England, of what
would become the U.S.A. and of the entire world.
This is how we felt at Mayflower Carpenter, embarking on a project with enthusiasm, desire to
create and build furniture with an elegant, simple and robust English style design known as
Shaker but at the same time eclectic, modern and functional and known today as Farmhouse style.